Theory Module for Waxing

Whether you want to start offering a simple brow wax, facial waxing or a leg wax, knowledge is key!

Our waxing course teaches you hard and soft wax techniques so that you can remove your clients hair with confidence.

The theory teaches you all aspects of health & safety, client consultation, contraindications, application and removal and even trouble shooting to help you get started with confidence.

Please note that this module is part of our waxing course which can be booked online directly via our website

Course curriculum

  • 1

    About Flirties training.

    • About Flirties training

    • What everyone wants to know about Flirties.

    • Treatment cost and income potential.

  • 2

    Anatomy and physiology.

    • Types of hair growth.

    • Structure of the skin.

    • Client suitability and contraindications.

    • Hair growth cycle.

    • Minors

  • 3

    Health and safety.

    • Hygiene.

    • Contamination and cross infection.

    • Risk factors and precautions.

    • Safety and insurance.

    • Health and safety laws.

  • 4

    Getting ready for your client.

    • Preparation for the treatment.

    • Personal appearance.

    • Patch testing,

    • Consultation.

  • 5

    Almost there!

    • Test paper

    • Thank you!

  • 6

    Extra resources.

    • Waxing procedure.

    • Waxing procedure - continued (Hard wax)

    • Aftercare.

    • Tips for soft wax.

    • Tips for hard wax.

    • Troubleshooting