Theory Module for Semi Permanent Mascara

Learn the theory of this amazing treatment along with details of client consultation, contraindications, applications and treatment combinations.

This module is part of our online learning experience and can be booked as part of our courses by clicking the link below. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Semi Permanent Mascara training.

    • About Flirties training

    • What everyone wants to know about Flirties.

    • Flirties Products.

    • Cost of treatment and income potential.

  • 2

    Advice for the therapist.

    • Patch testing.

    • Consultation.

    • Getting ready.

    • Maintenance and Aftercare.

  • 3

    Anatomy and physiology.

    • Anatomy of the eye.

    • Client suitability and contraindications.

  • 4

    Health and safety.

    • The Basics.

    • Insurance.

    • Health and Safety laws - For your reference.

  • 5

    And finally...

    • Test paper.

    • Thank you!