Theory Module for Lash Lifting

Learn the theory behind lash lifting, what to look out for, information on the consultation, contraindications and the basic knowledge of how to perform this popular treatment.

Please note this theory is part of our online training for lash lifting and can be purchased online at For any queries please contact 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Flirties Curve Lash Lifting.

    • About Flirties lash lifting.

    • What everyone wants to know about Flirties training.

    • Treatment cost and income potential

    • Choosing the right shield

  • 2

    Information for the therapist

    • Consultation

    • Patch testing.

    • Getting ready.

    • Maintenance.

  • 3

    Anatomy and physiology

    • Anatomy of the eye

    • Client suitability and client contraindications

  • 4

    Health and safety.

    • The basics.

    • Self care.

    • Insurance.

    • Health and safety laws - For your reference.

    • Health and safety recap question.

  • 5

    Almost there!

    • Test paper

    • Thank you!

  • 6

    Extra Resources.

    • Lash lift Blog