Theory Module for Straight to Volume

If you are new to lash extensions and want to take a crash course from Beginners lashes straight into Volume then this course is for you.

The theory covers all aspects of health & safety, client consultation and considerations, basic know-how of application and removal.

Please note that this module is part of our online learning experience and the full course can be booked via our website. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Flirties straight to volume training.

    • About Firties training.

    • What everyone wants to know about Flirties.

    • Cost of treatment and income potential.

    • Types of available lash extensions.

    • Products

    • What products are best to use?

  • 2

    Anatomy and Physiology.

    • Anatomy of the eye.

    • Client suitability and contraindications

  • 3

    Health and Safety.

    • The basics.

    • Self care.

    • Insurance.

    • Health and Safety Laws - For your reference.

  • 4

    Advice for the therapist.

    • Patch testing.

    • Receiving an enquiry.

    • Getting ready.

  • 5


    • Volume Infills.

  • 6

    What is Volume.

    • What is XD volume?

    • Lash size comparison.

  • 7

    Test paper

    • Test paper

    • Thank you!

  • 8

    Extra resources.

    • Patch testing blog.

    • Environmental factors and our adhesives

    • Lash volume comparison chart